Simple Clarity Isn't Sexy

On my way to the Eastlake MARTA station, I was listening to the Georgia State College radio station. One of the songs they played seemed to capture a vagueness of life. How our impulses and instincts seem to lead us, especially when we're young, and we end up where we are after being tricked by biology and our humanity. It was about crazy raucous, and maybe irresponsible, love. Then, I saw something that stood out for its clarity. A crossing guard wearing an orange and yellow vest stepped into the intersection. I stopped as he held up his stop sign and motioned for a group of children to cross. It was beautiful and profound. 
This one event encapsulates four very important fundamental values:
  1. Children
  2. Schools
  3. Communities, and
  4. Volunteers
Children walking to school face a danger they may not appreciate. The community comes together through volunteers to protect its children. Where I live, crossing guards don't just work near the school. They work at key intersections along the many routes children take. I was suddenly filled with an appreciation for the community, school, and volunteers that made this happen even though these were not my children.
We find romance and fall in love a thousand different ways ending up who knows where in life. All of that may very well end up with our children happily walking to school and their once crazy parents praying they arrive safely. Who knew a crossing guard could play such an important role in our lives: representing so much good in us and protecting what we cherish the most? Crazy raucous love leads to this.