Jimmy Kimmel iPhone 5 Prank Comparison Test

Jimmy Kimmel, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, gives people an iPhone 4s to test but tells them it's an iPhone 5.

It's the very same phone most of these people already use and they're saying how much better it is!

To quote a few comments:
  • It's way better!
  • Definitely noticeably better!
  • Seems a little thinner.
  • Seems a little lighter.
  • It looks like the screen's a little bigger.
  • Seems a little faster.
  • It's a lot higher quality, and if you drop it, it looks like it's not going to break.
  • The colors are brighter.
  • Oh, it has a video front and back.

Most everybody was simply repeating what the blogs were already saying about the iPhone 5.

It shows how our rosy love of technology is shaped by slick advertising. It may be that 95% of our perceptions on the benefit of technology is in our heads. Wouldn't it be great if we could outsmart the opinion makers (and the world in general) through a revolution of contentment and not upgrade for awhile? How "evil" would that be though? It would hurt the economy.

When we talked on those old fashioned phones when I was a kid, what were we most excited about? Maybe because someone was on the other end of the line eager to talk to us. There isn't much technology there by today's standards, and yet, there are few things I like better.

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