Idolatry In Honoring “Christianity”

I stumbled on this blog by Mr. S.D. Smith where he quotes Ian Thomas.

If you do not enter into the mystery of godliness and allow God to be in you the origin of His own image, you will seek to be godly by submitting yourself to external rules and regulations imposed on you by the particular Christian society you have chosen…you will in this way perpetuate the pagan habit of practicing religion in the energy of the flesh, and in the very pursuit of righteousness commit idolatry in honoring ‘Christianity’ more than Christ!

I've been there. I had the fortunate experience of receiving Christ as a teenager while living on a quiet farm in Ohio. Someone left a Four Spiritual Laws tract on a chair in the shoe department of the sports store where I worked. I took it home, went up to my bedroom where I read it, knelt and accepted Christ. An impression of Christ dawned on me over a period of many months of quiet Bible reading away from the influence of external rules or regulations. Then, I lost something of that when I went to the Bible School I attended. Sometimes we worry about the wrong things and try too hard the wrong way.

Idolatry In Honoring “Christianity”

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