One Fool's Opinion

I won't vote for a presidential candidate who refers to the recent health care legislation as "Obama Care." I know they do so because they don't like the legislation and they don't like President Obama. However, the phrase belittles the fact we have a health care crisis in this country and this was an attempt at a solution crafted in a difficult political environment.

To many Republicans, this legislation does nothing more than represent a democratic political victory. They're set for life with their government pension and health care plan. I can see that from a purely selfish perspective, no healthcare solution is necessary.

The phrase "Obama Care" also seems to capsulize political rancor and partisan politics. It also sounds like a phrase thought up and poll tested by special interest groups before handing it to their politicians and news organization.

The Republican candidates look like Fox News pundits speaking with one orchestrated voice. Fox News pundits do speak as they're told. The E-mails leaked by Mediamatters back in December 2010 from a Fox editor come to mind where he told everyone what phrases to use when speaking of Obama's healthcare legislation. They also did something similar with stories on global warming.

Do you remember the name of the legislation? It's the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Maybe you didn't hear it referred by its name on the news channel you were watching. What was the most controversial part of it? The public option. You may also know it as "the government option" since Fox News reporters and commentators were told to use that phrase instead.

Fox decided on the latter phrase because polls showed it slanted people against the plan. You can't be unbiased if your motive is to slant. You can't be presidential material if the primary thing you're good at is saying what you're told. Hey, but that phrase is poll tested. It's golden baby. Once Fox gets their president elected, they better say and do as they're told.

That's only my opinion.
Ah, well, I am a great and sublime fool. But then I am God's fool, and all His work must be contemplated with respect (from Mark Twain, a Biography).

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