Me and Sam and a Pitcher of Beer

My son, Sam, came over with his wife to see a movie for his music appreciation class and write a paper. His mother in law picked his wife up after work and they went home together. He stayed and finished his paper. After he left, I thought it would have been nice to have a beer together. I called him.
"Hey, how far are you?"
"I'm not even to Madison yet."
"Want to come back and have a beer."
"Meet me at Wingstop. Call me when you get off the highway and I'll meet you there."
He calls me to tell me he just got off the highway so I head to Wingstop. I wait awhile but don't see him so I call him.
"I'm almost there. I see you."
I wait and the wait seems kind of long if he really did see me. He calls again.
"Maybe I didn't see you."
"Are you at Buffalo Wild Wings yet?" I ask.
"You were supposed to meet me at Wingstop."
"I'm turning around."
So, he finally makes it to Wingstop and checks the text he sent his wife. It reads, "I'm heading to Wingstop to have a beer with my dad."

We share a laugh. It's funny how things can stick in your mind even when you know they aren't true.

We had a nice conversation. He's studying to be a writer at Jackson State University and has had a couple of poems accepted for publication in the Black Magnolias Literary Journal. A journal that:
"uses poetry, fiction, and prose to examine and celebrate the social, political, and aesthetic accomplishments of African Americans with an emphasis on Afro-Mississippians and Afro-Southerners."
If a diverse background is a prerequisite to becoming a good writer, Sam is off to a good start.

You never know what trail a conversation will take with us.

Sam on Self Awareness:
"Striving to be better people triggers self awareness."
Sam on Mistakes:
"Mistakes remind us of the external striving of who we want to be."
Dan on Technology responding to something Sam said:
"Technology is responsible for globalization but sells itself as a tool for individual expression."
I enjoyed our conversation. We had a nice father and son time together. I'm glad I called him; glad he turned around; and glad he finally found his way to Wingstop.

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