Woman Goes to Jail for Withholding Autistic Son's Lifesaving Meds: Insurance Company Praises Her and Gives Her a Bonus Before Realizing She Doesn't Work For Them

The last half of the headline isn't true. I made it up to illustrate a point. Many health insurance companies get away with similar behavior from a distance, wearing business attire, behind closed doors.

Yahoo News Video

The woman in the video didn't administer lifesaving cancer medicine to her autistic child who later died. The child was diagnosed with treatable non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He was treated in a hospital, then released with medication his mother never gave him. She was sentenced 8 to 10 years by the judge for assault and attempted murder.

It's appalling and shocking!

Now, watch the video and mentally replace "mother" with "Insurance Company." It's scary, because the video is still coherent and plausible. Insurance companies often deny medical tests, medications, and treatments on many grounds. Some denials are legitimate. For instance, some newer medications are several times more expensive than older versions while offering only slight incremental improvements. On the other hand, my mother was on a medicine for ulcerative colitis that was working for her but her insurance company wouldn't pay for it. She has tried two different drugs her insurance company would cover. Neither has worked. Because of her most recent switch, she required a blood transfusion. Lets see if her and her doctor's appeals have any effect.

Rescission is particularly nasty. Insurance companies can cancel your policy if they find you lied or just incorrectly entered information when you signed up. You're probably not at risk to have your policy cancelled unless you start costing your insurance company too much money; just when you need them the most and are too weak to fight. They'll start scouring your policy with a fine toothed comb for any plausibility to cancel it. By engaging in these practices in an overreaching manner, some health insurance companies are increasing profits at the expense of human lives.

We must be walking around in a daze to allow this to continue.

Just as not all mothers are bad, not all insurance companies are unethical. I pray there are decision makers pushing the insurance industry in the right direction. However, I'd like to see some of these irresponsible, one sided profit driven insurance decision makers sentenced on criminal charges just like this mother. Punishment is a currency of justice. Every moral human being yearns for justice. So, what is their punishment? Nothing, because it's legal, except maybe for a few soft regulations the government is too tired to adequately enforce.

I like to imagine there is justice for common people wronged by filthy rich humongous corporations. I like to imagine.

Here are some articles that might shock you. I hope none of this ever happens to you.

Insurer denied needed medical tests, Senate finds
“What troubled us most was that the criteria they were using was more stringent than the American College of Cardiologists uses.”
A review of 3,000 consumer complaints against Anthem Blue Cross, California's largest for-profit health insurer, has found over 700 violations of state law during the past four years, state regulators said on Monday.
Man claims "insurance company wrongfully denied coverage for a life-saving liver transplant."
Health Insurance "Rescission" Three Times More Likely Than Losing Russian Roulette
"If, as I suspect, rescission is targeted toward the truly bankrupting cases – the top 1%, the folks with over $35,000 of annual claims who could never be profitable for the carrier – then the probability of having your policy torn up given a massively expensive condition is pushing 50%. One in two."
Blue Cross praised employees who dropped sick policyholders, lawmaker says
"But they (healthcare executives) would not commit to limiting rescissions to only policyholders who intentionally lie or commit fraud to obtain coverage, a refusal that met with dismay from legislators on both sides of the political aisle."

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