This is Fox News

Has anyone else noticed how Fox News constantly publishes poles as if to tell us what we're thinking? Or, are they telling us how we should be thinking? Then, they spend another chunk of time telling us how "great" they are by bragging about their ratings. I've never heard this before from a news organization.

Look at their news coverage. It's not that it's biased. Bias doesn't describe Fox's coverage of the news. Bias happens when someone tries to be objective and their subjective perspective comes out anyway. When you don't even try to be objective; when you purposely slant facts to fit your agenda; you're disingenuine. Fox is disingenuous. Drawing from Dante's Inferno, disingenuousness is a level of news hell below bias. Fox gave a million dollars to the Republican Party and claim to fairly report the news. After they tell us how great they are and what we're thinking, they proceed to tell us the news in terms of "that's good" and "that's bad." Let's laugh at this "liberal" and listen to this really scary thing from a serious and responsible Republican.

Fox has raised propaganda to a higher art than any dictator or despot before them. They attack intellectual thought with pseudo data and pseudo experts. They don't support clear and honest dialog or debate. Ever hear O'Rilley shout someone down who was "lying" (saying something he didn't like)? You cannot have freedom without clear and honest dialog and debate no matter how many times you say "freedom," "liberty," or "support the troops." I heard someone say a great liar is someone who lies to you; you know they're lying; and, you want to believe them anyway. This is what Fox News is like to me. Anyone else agree?

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