Two Economic Poles

Many things pair in extremes. The earth has a north and south pole. An electrical circuit has a positive and negative. Someone with a bipolar condition vacillates between manic states and depression.

Our economy has two poles.
The first is comprised of individuals who lack the drive to work diligently. They might suffer from depression, discouragement, dementia, anxiety, etc. The number and effect these people have on our economy and social programs may be overstated. The reasons behind their lethargy may be under appreciated and willfully ignored.

Willful ignorance is interesting. It keeps people comfortable while enabling them to maintain their moral self-esteem.

The other economic pole is comprised of those spending their days consumed by avarice. The number of these people and their effect on the economy may be grossly understated. If we don't get a handle on BOTH economic poles, we will have to live with a bipolar economy. Finger pointing is not a good solution.

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