Profiles in Timidity: Our Government in Action

Such is the title of a New York Times editorial that succinctly puts into perspective our current state of government. The Republicans are obstructionists who oppose anything Obama supports even if they previously supported it. Take the welfare-to-work initiatives they once supported. They hate it when Obama has anything to do with it.

The Democrats lack the courage of their convictions or maybe lack convictions altogether. They refuse to vote or debate on allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire except for the upper 2% of wage earners. They would rather wait until after the November elections when they can blame the Republicans for it not passing than standing up to the Republicans now which is the only time they have a chance of getting it passed.

Here is an allegory of our government in action. It's very accurate I might add. They don't get much done but they're very busy. John Cleese is the Republican and Michael Palin is the poor Democrat who doesn't know how government should be run so he willingly pays to get verbally abused, then goes through a round of contradiction with John Cleese, finally Michael Palin repeatedly gets hit over the head. He does all this willingly with an expectation that he'll start liking it soon. Hey Democrats! Do you like getting hit over the head yet? If not, then stop playing games with the Republicans and start governing our country.

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