The Value of Simple Needful Work

As I was picking up trash with my nifty trash picker, my mind wandered to my mother's words, "If you're going to be a  [insert occupation here] be the best [insert occupation here] there is." You could paraphrase that with, "Whatever you choose to do, let your ego drive you to be the best." Ego driven work is most anything that requires brains or a high degree of skill. It's work where you manifest and demonstrate who YOU are!!!

The thought that crossed my mind in my mother's voice was, "If you're going to pick up trash be the BEST trash picker-upper there is." It made me laugh because it didn't motivate me. Picking up trash is not an ego driven activity. Then, it dawned on me that there are two types of work. Our ego motivates us sometimes and need motivates us other times. I know that most of us work because we need to get paid and in that sense all work we get paid to do is need driven. However, I'm thinking of work in the moment - as we're working.

I've gone through school. I passed my exams. I've proven how smart I am. (please note, comment made with sarcasm and self-deprecation). I went on to get paid a lot of money for doing what I was trained to do. I was manifesting and expressing MYSELF and turning that expression of ME into cash!!! WHOA! This is fun!

Now, here I am picking up trash. I had some free time. The trash accumulates if no one picks it up. The trash makes the place look trashy and creates a subconscious impression in customers' minds about our business. I pick up trash because it needs to be done.

I think you can get addicted to ego driven work. You come home from work and you can't get motivated to do any house or yard work. You can't get yourself to walk your dog. You can't get yourself to go to the store or cook dinner for your family. You end up paying someone to do all these things and you eat out a lot. Need driven work just doesn't do anything for you. You might be addicted to the ego.

I believe most ego driven work could also be accomplished from the perspective of fulfilling a need. There may be many good and wise people with pure hearts doing just that. However, for those chained to our egos, many needful tasks await. These tasks may deprive our egos but offer fulfillment in other small ways. I imagine these tasks as ego deprivation chambers. Some may have to proceed cautiously. In some patients, a loss of equilibrium and even a value shift may occur. However, those freed of their egos have reported increased humility, a clean house, beautiful yard, orderliness, a healthy diet, an economical lifestyle, contentment, and peace of mind.

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