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Why do I have a blog? I guess it's to find my voice. At one time, I wanted to be a minister. I still entertain that desire at 50. I have insights and sermons I have never shared. So, I share as I develop my ideas and beliefs on my blog. I don't know who my audience is. However, the Web is a big place and maybe what I write will be meaningful to someone at a particular place and time.

This blog is a bit selfish in that I write mostly for me. There are blogs on focused topics with useful information that are reader oriented (and sometimes make money). This is not one of those blogs. However, exploring my beliefs and ideas while connecting with a few people is meaningful to me. Writing this blog may be a little like going to the gym. Exercise is useful and prepares you for life outside the gym.

I also have opinions on science, law, politics and a voice that may not be clear. I'm exercising my voice like someone exercising their body at the gym. The potential of being read adds a layer of reality that acts as a weight. Someday, my voice may become clear and I will be better prepared for life outside the "gym." I may end up just being an old man with opinions all written down in a public blog no one reads. I will answer anyone interested enough to be my detractor, "The meaning for me was in the doing and I am stronger for it."

Because of that, I really don't think Alston should reference my blog on his blog. This blog isn't reader oriented, my beliefs may be inconsistent with orthodox Episcopalian doctrine, and my views may not represent the opinions of the majority of the members at the Chapel of the Cross even though I go there.

BTW, I missed the mens' group last Friday and the Friday two weeks before that because of car trouble. I replaced the throttle body and the accelerator position sensor. It turns out the problem is with the computer. I'm doing all this myself and it has taken time. I will probably miss church today for the same reason.

Since I don't know anyone's phone number (I lost Alston's number and I don't get my calls returned when I rarely leave a message on their VM) and no one called me to see how I was doing, I thought I would just throw it down here. I can sure say one thing about the Chapel of the Cross. No one pesters you here.

Why do I change the subject at the end of my articles sometimes? It's like a Beatles song. That's just the way it ends.

This here blog just isn't very reader or subject oriented.

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