How About a Colossians 2:6 Creed?

Bryan Owen raised some questions in his blog entry posted in Creedal Christian about a very non-offensive creed someone wrote recently. I didn't know people were still writing creeds. Can I write one?

I think we need a creed to remind us of the exhortation in Colossians 2:6.
As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him:
How did we receive Christ Jesus the Lord? The details may differ from individual to individual. However, certain truths are biblically essential. Those truths are evidently also essential to our Christian walk. Let us determine what those truths are and remind ourselves of them so we can apply them to our ongoing walk with Christ.

Someone has already neatly identified and expressed those truths in The Four Spiritual Laws tract. Reworded, I think it makes a good creed. It would go something like this.
God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives. 
We were sinful and separated from God. We were helpless through our own efforts to find him.
God provided Jesus Christ, through his death and resurrection, as the only provision for our sin.
Each of us must individually receive Jesus Christ to know and experience God's love for our lives.
We walk in Christ Jesus just as we received him.

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