Quiet Authenticity

I'm going to add Donald Miller to my blog list. Donald Miller is a New York bestselling author I never heard of. He seems to address some areas in my Christian faith I question. I don't know what denomination he's with. However, I usually listen to someone first, then find out their denomination later. I think truth before tribes is a good policy.

For instance, what is the balance between initiative and being led by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, I've let my Christianity strip my initiative from me. Donald Miller, in his book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I learned to live a better story, seems to address that.

He also wrote a blog entry on his blog titled, A Response to Pat Robertson’s Comments about Haiti. In it, he provides a perspective that is more mature, thoughtful, and less reactionary than anything else I've read on that subject. Donald Miller points out, "Many controlling personalities are drawn to the idea of a severe, vengeance oriented God."

I have also questioned my lack of desire to express my faith through emotion. I don't deal with this in an Episcopal Church service and that is one reason why I joined the Episcopal Church. However, when I worshiped in non-denominational churches in the past, I wondered why I didn't identify so much with emotional worship when that seemed so important to everyone else around me. I felt the Holy Spirit but didn't feel him in all that emotional jostling (my subjective feeling of that experience).

However, humans differ a lot on the emotional level and I don't doubt that type of worship is truly meaningful to many. Donald Miller said something in his Haiti blog entry that touches on that for me. He said, "I love that the New Testament is mostly intimate letters written to small groups of people who met in homes. I like the quiet authenticity of our faith."

There's a lot of jostling going on and controlling people out there. However, my aim is to live a quiet authentic life. Thank you Donald Miller for expressing that.

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