Honey Badger - The Most Fearless Animal on Earth

I'm so impressed with this little guy. I have to share this video. The Guinness Book of World Records names the honey badger the most fearless animal on earth.
In the video below, he steals a meal from a puff adder; from its mouth while it's eating. When the honey badger's finished, he's still hungry, so he goes after the snake he stole his meal from. The snake bites him but that doesn't stop the honey badger. He kills the snake and starts eating it before passing out. He wakes up two hours later. Still groggy from his venom nap, he waddles over to the snake and continues eating! The little guy hardly ever stops eating and he eats almost anything.

In this video, the honey badger dispatches a monitor lizard with one bite. The lizard walks right up to the honey badger's den looking for a meal. Oops! The predator becomes the prey.

When you see how fierce they are, doesn't it blow your mind to see how calm and domesticated they can be?

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