Warning! Profanity: But, Oh How Appropriate.

The following video reminds me of my stepfather's forays into technology.

His grandson, a tech wizard, got hooked up with Vonage and saved a lot of money. He likes it. My stepfather tried it on his recommendation, and so began over a month of poor phone service and hours on his cell phone with tech support. He never got it resolved and went back, in defeat, to expensive AT&T.

They move and get a new internet service provider (ISP). For some reason, he couldn't get his wireless to work. So, began hours on the phone once again with his new ISP's tech support. They gave up and finally told him his computer's wireless was broke and he needed a new computer. Click. Obviously, they did not want to concede defeat. My stepfather called the local tech wizard and they came out to his house and set up his wireless in 10 minutes. Guess his computer was OK.

Oh the frustration he has endured; and we all endure with all the hastily designed technology out there. I apologize for the profanity; but oh how appropriate.

I had to remove the video. Too many GDs. It's on the Onion's web site if you want to see it.

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