Twos and Threes

In the fourth chapter of Ecclesiastes, Solomon speaks of two being better than one because:

   They find joy sharing with each other;
   They give each other a helping hand;
   They comfort each other; and
   They are stronger withstanding threats and opposition.

Then, he says something strange in the twelfth verse.

"...and a threefold cord is not quickly broken." Who or what is the third chord? Solomon jumped from twos to threes without warning or introduction. The third "chord" could be children from the union of a man and wife. Children can certainly pop into the picture suddenly and a family is like a three fold chord.

The three fold cord also reminds me of Matthew 18:20. "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." The third "chord" could also be Jesus woven into human relationship. With Jesus in our relationships, we have more sharing, help, comfort, and strength. A chord is something we might use for work and it's important it doesn't break. People in this three fold relationship are ready for God's work.

I also like thinking in threes when I'm trying to accomplish something. I like the idea of developing multiple complementing habits to take me where I want to go. For instance, if I want to lose weight or be healthier, I might exercise, eat healthier, and engage in more active and fewer sedentary activities. Jack Lalanne, who passed away recently, said, "...exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom!" That's only two things but I like it.

Currently, I'm looking for a job. I have a law degree and am admitted to practice law in California. If I don't take the Mississippi Bar, I'll return to San Diego, and: 1) network; 2) continue my legal education; and, 3) keep myself healthy (see above). Until I get a job, I might hang out in the public law library and study areas of law where I can provide services as a private practitioner. I might be able to start a practice without a having a permanent office. I'll look into that.

In the midst of our plans Lord, help us value and cultivate our relationships. Weave yourself into our relationships as a third chord increasing joy in sharing, helping in time of need, comforting us in pain and hardship, and strengthening us to face opposition without fear. Then, use us for your good purpose. Amen

God Bless.

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