We Humans Need to Better Define Ourselves

I would like to see us human beings define ourselves better. I believe a powerful way to do this is in how we treat animals. We need to treat animals we use for food with respect. I don't like the idea of cutting off chickens' legs while they're still alive along a conveyor because it's efficient. I don't like cows crowded in filth and chickens stuffed together never seeing the light of day.
I guess I can select food sources that use humane processes. I may be able to do that by going local. I might also be able to avoid hormones and pesticides in the processes. I would be eatting healthier and more ethical.

We also need to honor the animals we recognize as being particularly intelligent including: dolphins, whales, primates, and elephants; not worship but simple honor. Can we do that? It might go a long way to define ourselves in a way that reflects who we want to be. We can't let industry do this on our behalf. We must make conscious decisions and take action to define ourselves.

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