My Day: Work is Fine and Walmart is Dysfunctional

I have a good day at work. I come home and start doing my laundry and discover we're out of laundry detergent.

I go to Walmart to get some laundry detergent and decide to buy some salad fixings for dinner and other misc groceries while I'm here. First, I hit the produce section and pick up a bag of unpriced pine nuts. I ask the guy putting away grapes how much they are. He says, "I don't know." He stands there just looking at me
for a second. I say, "I'd like to know." He stands there again for a second and finally says, "I could find a price gun." He left his grapes and I pick up a cucumber, scallions, and a roma tomato. I wait a couple minutes and he finally returns and says, "I can't find the gun" and goes back putting away grapes. He says, "You can find out how much they are at check out." I put the pine nuts back a little annoyed and go find the laundry detergent. On the way, I pass a bag of almonds with dried cranberries. I look for a price. Not there. Moving on....

I find the detergent, then proceed to pick up milk, orange juice, eggs, butter, and gatorade. I roll my basket to the front and notice every cashier is at least six baskets deep. I cue up to the first line I find and notice the cashiers are just standing there looking around. After about five minutes, something that wasn't working gets fixed, the cashiers start scanning, and the lines start moving. I'm about the third in line when this obese guy with greasy black hair, and glasses points in my direction and says, "I can get you. Come on." Come to think of it, every employee here is obese. I hesitate. The customer behind me passes me and gets to the empty register first. I decide to go after him since he only has two items. As I approach his register, the cashier notices I have produce and says, "I can't weigh anything here." I feel like saying something like, "But you just told me to 'come on'" but I don't feel like venting on deaf ears. I'm annoyed now but I don't want to spread it around. I start to go back to my original line and find three new people and no one wants to let me in. Middle aged white guys get no mercy. I take my basket back to the obese greasy black haired cashier and have him just ring up the laundry detergent. I exit the store leaving everything else in my basket for another obese employee to put away. My encounter with dysfunctional Walmart mercifully ends.

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