New York Jets Organization to Muzzle Players' Testosterone. Losing season certainty will ensue.

TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz wore sexy clothing while interviewing the NY Jets football team and reportedly was pestered with goofy on-field antics and locker-room catcalls. Anyone surprised? I know the rhetorical question posed by those coming to her defense. "Does she deserve that?" I don't think "deserve" enters into it. She simply dressed provocatively and provoked a response.

I think of it like this. A writer writes to a particular audience. Style isn't generic. A woman has a vast variety of styles and dress to choose from. She picks the style she wants and dresses for a particular audience. Testosterone is an audience. There is trailer park testosterone, Wall Street testosterone, country testosterone, and professional athlete testosterone. Some women dress for it. You know it when you see it. They use various packaging to show the same beautiful things. I'm all for it. I'm saying that and I don't plan on cheating on my wife. I can't let my testosterone take me there.

"Sexy" is allowed to express itself through dress and style. Testosterone should also be allowed it's appropriate expression. Since women express their femininity through dress, they might think that men should express their testosterone through dress also. No. That's your medium ladies. Testosterone expresses itself in less sophisticated ways. Just because a woman is uncomfortable with these less sophisticated forms of expression, does that make such expression wrong or violent by definition? No. Innocent and non-violent expressions of testosterone might be the appropriate response for certain modes of dress.

I consider it double talk, muddled thinking, denial and hypocrisy for a woman to dress for a particular audience then act surprised that her audience noticed and responded in their own language. Ladies, get real. I'm not talking about inappropriate touching or physical gestures. We're talking about cat calls by professional athletes in their own locker room.

I don't think Ines Sainz complained or condemned anyone all that much. She's probably a good sport who enjoys life. However, feminist fury is so quickly ignited in our country that the Jets organization panicked like little boys apologizing to everyone and is passing out testosterone muzzles to their players even as I write. I don't know what a testosterone muzzle looks like. However, I don't blame the Jets organization for resorting to such austere measures.

Something about a certain tone and pitch that makes my bones feel like they're going to explode. I'll do almost anything to make it stop. "You must be right Ma'am. I am wrong by simply by being born a man with testosterone. Your elegant refinement obviously nullifies an entire dimension of my personality." Sports was supposed to be the last place where we didn't have to say that. They've invaded our locker room. There's nothing left.

America is all of us men and women.

Here is a real story on Yahoo Sports where Clinton Portis literally muzzles himself with tape after being beaten down for suggesting a gray area in the Ines Sainz buzz rather than the certified correct "black and white" perspective.

Clinton Portis muzzles himself on Ines Sainz discussions

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