Mississippi Hill Country (One Chord) Blues

R.L Burnside is Mississippi Hill Country Blues. His style of blues is also called one chord blues because many songs are played with just one chord. You might think this would sound monotonous. However, this characteristic challenges the artist to come up with new ways to add variety besides changing chords. R.L. Burnside does this by varying, melody, rhythm, texture. The intensity he generates is gut grabbing. As he grew older, R.L. Burnside associated with younger musicians including his nephew Cedric Burnside and stylized a type of music mingling Mississippi Hill Country Blues with Electronica. It's its own style of driving music with no particular name I'm aware of. I love both the early acoustic Burnside and the later electrified Burnside. I know some people think he messed up his earlier songs by playing them that way but that's crazy. Those older versions didn't go away just because he played them different. He just gave us more music we would have never heard.

"She asked me why. I just went on and told her."

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